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Dream Catcher Wing 5 mq
Lahoma Wing
wing in Germany Dacron, 0.8mm TPU for inner bladder, repair kit, leash, back pack
This wing is very stable, yet easy to “break over” with tacks, 360s, and other freeride and freestyle maneuvers. You will quickly find the DH wing a great all-around performer on the water and a more than a formidable tool in any winger’s quiver.

·Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled Power, Performance, and Comfort
·Texture: the highest grade Tech fiber triple ripstop canopy and German Dacron
·perfectly spaced and comfortable handles: allow for easy trimming of power, and ease of regripping with transitions and luffing
·Size: 5.0, Meters

·Usage Recommend Inflate 6-7 PSI: The FIRST time inflation is recommended to inflate to 4-5 PSI. DO NOT OVER INFLATE.
299.00 €
Lahoma Wing
Lahonawinds WIND HAWK-Inflatable Wingsurf Boards Without Footstrap
Length: 5'3 / 160 cm, Width: 27.5''/ 70 cm, thickness 5''/12cm, Volume: 110 Liters, Weight: 7.43 kg, Recommended Riders Weight: 50-100 kg
carbon fiber track system, reinforce drop stich PVC, Leash, backpack, repair kit, hand pump
299.00 €
Lahoma Foil 2100
Lahoma Wing
Foil mixed carbon size 2100, front & rear full carbon mast 75 cm+fusoleage alu

1-The Lahomawinds Dark horse 2100 Carbon Hydrofoil
Technical Data:
WINGSPAN: 1121 mm / 44 inches
MAX CHORD: 244 mm / 9 inches
ACTUAL AREA: 2120 square cm / 328 square inches
PROJECTED AREA: 2034 square cm / 315 square inches
VOLUME: 3797 cubic cm / 231 cubic inches
299.00 €
Lahoma Wing
package completo Wing 5 mq+foil 2100+iboard 105/110 lt. completo di accessori e pronto a volare!
Promo riservata al package completo.
foil mixed alu
849.00 €
Lo sport nautico delle future generazioni, un mix tra Windsurf e Kitesurf, divertente sicuro e praticabile ovunque. Con pochi nodi si riesce a planare, si puo praticare su qualsiasi costa, con o senza wing sfruttando le onde.
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